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About Citini Electric


Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric cars.


We currently do this by supporting our customers with the successful completion their EV conversion projects. We offer an end to end service, from the first steps of 3D scanning of vehicles to the internal design and engineering of the EV system. This may include the battery specification, battery box design and electric drivetrain architecture. We also develop and supply high quality EV conversion parts and Citini has conversion prototypes under development, focused on small city cars. Whether working on customer projects or our own prototypes we aim to develop engineering approaches which enable conversions at scale.


Increasing electric car sales contrasted by declining diesel and petrol sales, are evidence that the transition to electric cars is already in motion. This change has primarily been driven by Tesla and is now also being vigorously pursued by the Chinese and traditional automotive OEM companies. This production at scale is predicted to have a favourable effect on component cost and battery efficiency curves, compounding the inevitability of the transition.