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Volt Influx ltd has taken over the offering of services to customers. https://www.voltinflux.com/

EV Conversion Consulting

We can assist in all topics relating to EV conversions or EV projects

  • Understanding the conversion process;
  • Vehicle performance and specification studies;
  • Battery pack sizing, motor selection, range estimates;
  • Parts costing and sourcing;
  • Component engineering studies and CAD support;
  • Packaging studies for custom electric conversions.

3D Vehicle Scanning

We offer 3D scanning services of engine bay, boot, interior spaces, under-body and gearbox or exhaust tunnel.

Scans are provided as STL for import into your CAD system. Scans can be used to check layout and fitment of battery modules, motor and other electrification components.

3D Component Scanning

3D Scanning of medium to large sized EV components such as motors, chargers or electric compressors.

Component scans, provided as STL file for import into your CAD model, can be used for more comprehensive design studies in the CAD environment, so the packaging of all major components are resolved prior to starting your build.

EV Electric Layout Design

We can provide extensive design and specification packs of electrical systems for custom EV conversions including battery pack design, HV (High Voltage) system layout, charging and DC:DC converter, low voltage systems, BMS (Battery Management System).

EV Build Support

We also offer end to end EV Build consulting, support and diagnostic services.

If you are looking for assistance in solving packaging, electric, electronic or integration challenges on your EV build we can help you get your EV conversion project completed.