Citini Electric

Drive the city electric

The EVS product range is developed by Engovis Limited (previously SimpEco Engineering Ltd) and represents an evolution of the SimpBMS.
– Knowledge of EV batteries, automotive wiring and computers are needed, however the new EVS range comes with a comprehensive user manual.
– The user manual is designed to maximise the chances of successful implementation
– EVS-BMS comes with all connectors and pins
– Recommended additional purchase: EVS-CAT (CAN Adapter Tool) a setup interface needed for CAN parameter setup
– This is not a plug and play system and the purchaser of this product is responsible for installing the system

The EVS-BMS is compatible, including balancing, with the following OEM batteries:
– VW E-Golf
– VW ID3 and ID4 (MEB) 12S and 8S modules
– BMW Hybrid – gen 1 (9 kWh) and gen 2 (12 kWh)
– BMW I3
– Mitsubishi Outlander
– Chevy Volt – gen 1
– Tesla Model S/X

High Level Features
– Controlling 12 V contactors, economised or un-economised
– Battery cooling
– OBD2 interface – compatibility with apps including Torque Pro
– Configuration over CAN bus using dedicated adapter and software
– Safety/HVIL loop monitoring
– Controlling CAN bus chargers in conjunction with EVS-CPI

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 25 mm