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The EVS product range is developed by Engovis Limited (previously SimpEco Engineering Ltd) and represents an evolution of the SimpBMS.
РKnowledge of EV batteries, automotive wiring and computers are needed, the new EVS range comes with a comprehensive EVS User Manual
– The user manual is designed to maximise the chances of successful implementation
– EVS-MCU comes with all connectors and pins
– Recommended additional purchase: EVS-CAT (CAN Adapter Tool) a setup interface needed for CAN parameter setup

This is not a plug and play system and the purchaser of this product is responsible for installing and configuring the system. By Purchasing you have read and understood the disclaimer in the EVS User Manual

The EVS-MCU is aimed at running and controlling the CAN based OEM motors and inverters:

EVS-MCU High Level Features

– Controlling Outlander PHEV RDU (Rear Drive Unit)
– Controlling Nissan Leaf motor and inverter
– Controlling 12 V contactors, economised or un-economised
– Controlling drivetrain cooling relay
– Safety/HVIL loop monitoring
– Monitoring third party BMS on CAN bus
– Controlling brake lights, pedal and regen
– OBD2 interface – compatibility with apps including Torque Pro
– Configuration over CAN bus using dedicated EVS-CAT CAN adapter and software

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 25 mm